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February 2016 - From This Moment
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Handmade Crafts to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding

A wedding is undoubtedly always about the bride, however to create a special magical experience that everyone will love, remember and rave about for years to come, each guest needs to feel welcome and appreciated for turning up. This seems like an absolutely impossible task. The bride focused on looking her best whilst keeping nerves [...]

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Tips for Keeping Children Entertained at a Wedding

Most bride and grooms concentrate on the adult guests of the wedding, believing the parents will entertain their little darlings for the entire day. However no parent, or child, is patient enough to make little Timmy sit through a ceremony, speeches and a meal without experiencing a tantrum or two. Children quite simply abhor weddings. [...]

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How to Choose Wedding Party Gifts

Organising your wedding should be enormous fun however it may occasionally become quite overwhelming. There are outfits, venues, invitations, chasing RSVPs and much more. One of the trickier tasks is organising gifts for the wedding party as these need a lot of thought and quite a bit of shopping around. Fortunately booking a hen weekend [...]

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