We’ve met many brides to be and newly weds through our wedding service and we always love to see photos and hear about how their wedding progressed. For the most part we feel as though we should be a guest as we spend so much time putting together the perfect package, but we know this wouldn’t be favourable with our other clients if we took time off to jet set around the world and attend every marriage!

We’ve learned a lot from our brides, from small tips to big surprises and we’re happily passing these on to you, to help if you’re considering marrying abroad.

  1. Don’t Try New Things

One of the main tips we’ve learned is not to try new things, mainly cosmetics. So many brides have invested in a new, revolutionary fake tan, false eyelashes or hair dye, only to find they come unstuck on the day. One lady had to postpone the wedding for three days as her eyes reacted to the false eyelash glue while another had to wear tights (on the beach) to cover up the streaks of the new fake tan. Before you go, test everything twice so you have no nasty surprises!

  1. Top Up Your Mobile

On a holiday abroad the mobile often becomes the last thing on your mind, especially if your nearest and dearest are travelling with you. You may use it to take pictures for Instagram but you’re usually having far too much fun to use it for calls. When having a wedding abroad you need your phone for calls as you may be separated from the groom, or other guests and you’ll need to know the number of the venue, the reception and the witnesses!

  1. Invest in SPF and Waterproof Cosmetics

A beach wedding is usually a little shorter than a ceremony in a church but you still need to make sure your makeup lasts throughout. The heat, that you’re not used to, can play havoc with your makeup, the extra perspiration can make it slide off, while spending oodles of time in the sun can leave you a little red in the face. Make sure you invest in a great SPF moisturiser or foundation to minimise the effects of the sun. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner is also a good idea, for the perspiration and the tears of happiness that will inevitably come!

  1. Make Room for Water

Some brides factor in a clutch that can hold a bottle of water snugly. Water is so important when marrying in the sun. Make sure you have it close by throughout the ceremony, as this essential can often be forgotten in the excitement of the day.

If you’ve enjoyed a wedding abroad and have some tips for our brides to be please let us know and we’ll happily involve you in our next article.