A wedding is undoubtedly always about the bride, however to create a special magical experience that everyone will love, remember and rave about for years to come, each guest needs to feel welcome and appreciated for turning up.

This seems like an absolutely impossible task. The bride focused on looking her best whilst keeping nerves at bay will find the moments slipping by, and before it’s known the whole day has disappeared without a chance to ask great aunt Nora how her cats are doing these days.

Of course a bride and groom can’t be in all places at once. Some couples accidently divide and conquer taking on the in laws in a bid to meet everyone. However this leaves for a parting of ways that is the opposite of what the whole wedding affair represents.

Gifts on the table make a lovely touch, in the run up to the wedding; homemade gifts will give that personal touch added with a handwritten message that thanks each person individually for turning up.

You may be screaming, “when will I get time to do that?” however this is not only a fabulous tactic it will also give you a much needed break from the relentless planning and money spinning.

Each one of us has it inside to be creative, there are very few people who can’t turn their hand to one of the arts, and if all else fails give the groom something to do with his spare time.

Gifts you can make include:

Homemade fudge or truffles, perfect for after dinner coffee, and a lovely touch with a message. For example, “For Great Aunt Nora, thank you so much for coming, we’re so pleased to have you here. I hope Basil behaves himself in your absence.”

These replace the seventies tradition of sugared almonds, and can be eaten by great aunt Nora without the threat of her losing her dentures.

Marzipan Fruits, or even a marzipan bride and groom for them to take home. If you can make a snow man in winter you can construct too little fat people to put in a box and offer to your nearest and dearest. If they are annoyed that you haven’t greeted them personally they’ll soon vent their frustration by eating your head!

Thank you cards are a lovely touch. They’ll sit happily on any mantelpiece especially if homemade. The personal message will make them all the more special as they coo over the words as you relax on the honeymoon.

If you have children employ them to help, making everything from pomanders, to pin cushions, they’ll throw ideas around that you never thought of, as they’ll be on top of their game in school.

Gingerbread bride and grooms are easy to make. You can cheat by buying the people readymade, and using a little writing icing, you can personalize them to look like you.

Another idea is photo frames. Made out of simply anything, you can buy cheap ones from charity shops or a bulk order from the cash and carry then decorate them with your own themed colours of the wedding.