Organising your wedding should be enormous fun however it may occasionally become quite overwhelming. There are outfits, venues, invitations, chasing RSVPs and much more. One of the trickier tasks is organising gifts for the wedding party as these need a lot of thought and quite a bit of shopping around.

Fortunately booking a hen weekend with us is a lot simpler as everything is arranged and organised for you. These gift ideas should help you tick off the gift buying from your listing and then you can concentrate on which of our hen packages you fancy.

The Groom

What you buy the groom depends on his personality. Are you the kind of couple who would go for a traditional gift of jewellery, a personalised leather briefcase or similar? Perhaps you are sci-fi fans in which case a fun Star Wars gift could be in (we feel there should be a Yoda at every wedding). If the groom is the adventurous type and has had the good taste to book one of our stag weekends then perhaps an experience package to be enjoyed after the honeymoon could be just the thing?

The Best Man

You can have a lot of fun with best man gifts, depending on what his sense of humour is like. We’ve seen beautiful, ahem, ball scratchers in silver that are engraved, toy flying aeroplanes or helicopters, novelty cufflinks and more.

If you are looking for something a little more respectable then perhaps a watch, an engraved tankard, something that represents his favourite hobby (keep it clean!) or a hip flask.

The Mothers

Whatever you do, make sure that the gift you give your mother is as nice as the gift you give your mother in law and vice versa. The fallout from that particular wedding faux pas could be atomic so tread carefully. Something engraved and personal to each mother is always a great idea as many people like keepsakes which remind them of special days.  If all else fails a beautiful floral bouquet is always a winner, provided the florist remembers to make them both different but equal in size and stature.

The Bridemaids / The Maid of Honour

Bridesmaids and the Maid of Honour are usually the easiest to buy for. A lovely piece of jewellery each, a pretty photo frame or a glass / crystal ornament with a picture and details from the wedding day lasered into it are all lovely keepsake ideas.

Hopefully these ideas will strike a cord with those on your list to buy for so you may get down to what is really important, the hen night. After working so hard to pull everything together we are sure that everyone must agree that it is only fair that the bride-to-be should be rewarded with a hen weekend that will be truly unforgettable.