Marrying abroad is a luxury that more and more couples can now afford due to great wedding package deals from high quality agents such as us.

There are incredible benefits to marrying abroad, such as the weather, the food and the ability to combine the wedding and the honeymoon, but as you will be marrying in a foreign country, you may find that not every destination is sympathetic with British tradition.

We have some tips on how you can keep the tradition alive when choosing to tie the knot in sunnier (or indeed snowier) climes.

Keeping the Bride and Groom Separated

When you book a wedding abroad you’ll find, for legal reasons, you usually need to arrive in the country a few days before your wedding. For some, this means that they spend every minute until the ceremony in their partner’s company, when in the UK, seeing the bride before the big day can be considered bad luck.

If you are a stickler for tradition there are a few ways you can combat this without any extra expense.

For example:

  • Have Interlocking Rooms
  • Stay with Family
  • Spend the Night with Your Best Man
  • Take the Honeymoon Suite Early

If being separated the night before your wedding is important to you, please let us know when talking to us and we’ll make sure we find you the perfect solution.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

A wedding abroad seems to tick all the boxes for the traditions of “Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, and Something New”.

  • The location is new
  • The sea is often blue
  • The hotel is often borrowed
  • The tradition itself is old

Some couples do prefer more tangible objects in relation to the tradition however and these are often easy to find while on location. You usually arrive a few days before the big day, which gives you ample time to shop for little extras too.

Your friendly hosts will also be happy to lend you any item to ensure the stipulations of the tradition are met.

Every family has their own traditions for weddings, we’d love to hear the superstitions surrounding yours, please let us know in the comments below.