Choosing a dress for a wedding abroad is a lot different to choosing a dress for a UK wedding. Even in the summer months one can never guarantee the sunshine in Britain and so dresses are usually traditional, long and very heavy.

Of course, if you prefer the traditional dress, this can also be worn abroad, just be sure to buy it in the UK and to package it well for the journey!

Your choice of wedding dress, of course, depends on your taste and personality. The amount of guests and the style of wedding can also play a part. As a general rule, there are usually a few different types of outfit people choose as wedding attire, we’ve rounded the most popular up below.

Fun and Floaty

All beaches have a wonderful, gentle, (sometimes forceful) sea breeze. This makes the choice of a floaty dress ideal. The light fabric will blow in the wind, and will demurely reveal an ankle or calf, making it look super sensual.

Floaty dresses usually have just one layer of fabric that’s either light cotton or silk. Linen won’t float, nor will a lined dress, as it’s too heavy and rigid.

A floaty wedding dress can also have spaghetti straps and you can wear a jewelled or silk wrap to complete the look or to take it from daytime to night time. This style is ideal for those who envisage a relaxed wedding, with exotic flowers in the hair and sandals, or nothing, on the feet!

Formal and Elegant

Many older brides decide on the only true fabric for a wedding suit abroad, linen. It’s cool and sophisticated, it can be white, ivory or cream and it is also immensely flattering. This can be paired with a sheer camisole top and peep toe shoes to complete the look. Men also look great dressed in linen trousers or a suit. If Indiana Jones were to marry on a beach, he’d marry in a linen suit!

Fairy-tale Princess

There is still a lot of scope for enjoying the whole fairy-tale princess ensemble on the beach. The entire bridal gown may not be practical, due to the sandy location and the heat, but a shorter gown can still deliver the perfect fairy-tale. Those opting for this style usually choose a great bridal gown from the UK and then have it adapted to suit the warmer weather before the big day.

If you’re considering a wedding abroad there’s no doubt you’ve already thought of your ensemble. Does it fall into one of these categories or is it something completely different. Please do let us know, we love finding out more about you and your dreams of a perfect wedding abroad.