Most bride and grooms concentrate on the adult guests of the wedding, believing the parents will entertain their little darlings for the entire day. However no parent, or child, is patient enough to make little Timmy sit through a ceremony, speeches and a meal without experiencing a tantrum or two.

Children quite simply abhor weddings. Sold to them as a family get together they look confused as they’re dressed up in itchy garments, made to pose happily for a camera and there are no musical chair games in sight.

Unruly children can make even the best day seem intolerable as they sulk on the wedding pictures or tantrum their way through the best man’s speech making sure they are the only voice that’s heard.

However with a little forward planning you can be the hostess with the mostess and make sure the children of your future are well entertained, happy, and never want to leave. This will have a domino effect as happy children makes for relaxed parents, which will give your party and wedding the boost it needs whilst setting it apart from the rest.

Some couples avoid this situation altogether by inviting only adults to their special day, however this can alienate friends and family who have children, as babysitters are hard to come by and a night alone is a precious commodity indeed.

A Party within a Party

By catering for the children and bearing them in mind, you will have a party within a party that will ensure all parents are happy, and as you tread the plank into your own married life and have children of your own, you’ll realise just how special this makes a wedding.

Once the children have sat patiently throughout the ceremony, it’s a great idea for them to have a little break. Not only will this give you an excuse to make sure all food is served in a timely manner, but it will help them run off that excess energy that has been bubbling inside them for an hour.

This will also help parents during the ceremony, they can bribe with the promise of good times to come, whereas usually all the children have to look forward to is more silence, more good behaviour, and conversation that goes over their heads.

Keep Little Hands and Legs Busy

Play equipment tastefully placed in one corner of the room, or even a bouncy castle will add fun to your wedding whilst letting the parents have a well-deserved glass of wine and time to unwind chatting to other guests.

Hiring an adult bouncy castle may prove popular when later in the evening everyone is relaxed and looking for a bit of fun. This would add a completely unique twist on your reception, and your photographer can even take a photo of the bride having a bounce showing off her garter!

When the time does come for sitting down and eating, just a few pounds spent will ensure if they finish their food first, they’ll still be entertained. Invest in lucky bags with toys, pens and colouring pads or makeup and fake tiaras for the girls so they can pretend to be a bride.

Also arm each child with a disposable camera, they’ll collect great shots of a snoozing granddad or tiddly aunty flora, and will be able to snap in secret giving you all giggles after that wedding day.