Weddings abroad are becoming increasingly popular with many couples choosing to combine their ceremony and their honeymoon. We’ve found the top five destinations for a wedding abroad for you, along with the reasons why these are so popular with our travellers.

Remember, we can help you to plan and achieve the perfect wedding abroad, regardless of the destination in mind. Simply call us and we’ll ask the questions to ensure you receive a tailor made, personalised package that takes all your wishes into consideration.

  1. Barbados

Barbados is a popular destination for honeymooners and increasingly popular with those looking to get married abroad. With a huge British influence there’s no need to speak another language while more and more luxury hotels are actually catering to the British Wedding market.

You only have to be in Barbados for 48 hours before you can legally wed, and with such great weather, gorgeous beaches, and amazing views, there really isn’t a better place to say I do.

  1. Cyprus

Cyprus is very popular with brides and grooms who would like their family to join them for the ceremony (if not, the honeymoon!). The flights are generally quite cheap and it doesn’t take long to travel to the island. On top of this there are some other advantages as you don’t have to be in Cyprus for any length of time before the marriage. The range of hotels, from budget to luxury also ensures you please every guest.

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for a wedding with a difference. It allows guests to choose extras for the marriage, such as wild animal transportation (namely elephants) along with dancers and unique entertainment for the reception. You do need to be in Sri Lanka for five days before you can marry legally but as it’s a hop skip and jump from the Maldives, some people don’t find this to be much of a headache!

  1. Rhodes

Rhodes has all the main benefits of Cyprus, such as the varying degrees of accommodation but it’s not further up on the list as you need to be in the country for a week before getting married. It has beautiful beaches, gorgeous vistas and pretty great weather too, so you could do a lot worse than planning a wedding abroad in Rhodes!

  1. St Lucia

St Lucia just sounds romantic doesn’t it? There’s a reason for that, few do romance like the luxury hotels on this beautiful island. You can be married within 24 hours of arrival when choosing a wedding abroad in St Lucia, and you can also choose from a range of venues from the beach to a yacht on the sea!

Wherever you choose to enjoy a wedding abroad, we can help. We can even suggest destinations for you if you’re having trouble deciding. Contact us now for an informal chat about your dreams for the perfect wedding and we’ll let you know just how we can help make those dreams come true.