More and more people are choosing to get married abroad in recent years as the unpredictable British weather can put a dampener on any wedding day. Once the cost of a church, a vicar, a reception and extras in Britain has been added up, some find it’s actually a lot cheaper to enjoy a wedding in the sun.

The weather isn’t the only benefit to marrying abroad, the luxury aspect and the inbuilt honeymoon are also huge motivators.

If you’re getting married abroad this year or next, we’ve got some great tips to help you enjoy the experience even more.

Take it Easy

Some people believe that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful activities we’ll endure throughout our lives. It’s up there with moving house and, ironically, divorce. When you choose a wedding abroad there’s no need to endure this stress as most aspects are taken care of allowing you to relax and enjoy the whole day. Make sure you allow yourself to relax and take it easy in the run up to your wedding, as this is also a holiday and some much deserved time off from the stress of daily life for you both. 

Travel Light

There are no doubt a million items you want with you for your wedding day but this can put a strain on your finances (as you pay for extra luggage) and your back (as you carry it all). The best weddings are those that embrace the local life and take the items they need from the destination, town, village or city they are getting married in. These also give you mementos of your day and your honeymoon to take home once the dream is over and the excitement of real life begins.

Set Clear Boundaries for Guests 

Some couples prefer to marry without any guests while others invite their entire friends and family, and look forward to a lively holiday. Frustrations can occur when the wedding is over and guests aren’t sure if you welcome their company or not. Some guests, having paid for a flight and the hotel, will want to extend their stay to run alongside your entire honeymoon. If you’d rather a honeymoon with just the two of you, it’s a good idea to make this clear during the invitation period!

Be Prepared

With wedding packages bespoke to your needs such as ours, there’s little to organise. You simply tell us your wishes and desires and we do all the boring tasks! You do, however, need to take care of your dress, your shoes and any personal items and so it is best to be prepared. Although you may be able to find a suitable outfit in the location you are marrying, we advise you to bring it with you instead of waiting until the last minute!

Above all, getting married abroad is a luxury and one that you should embrace wholeheartedly to enjoy a stress free, pampering experience on the day and throughout the honeymoon!