When planning a wedding abroad or even a wedding in the UK, it’s easy to become swept up in the tiny details and to enter into a confused game of trying to please everyone all of the time.

Of course, your guests are important, but sometimes brides and grooms need reminding of the really important factors when booking a wedding in the sun (or snow). Through our experience and feedback from our very happy, now married, clients, we’ve brought you a little inspiration to ensure you look after number one.

YOU are the most important factor of your wedding day.

As soon as the invitations go out a bride and groom’s focus seems to shift from what they want to how to provide the best experience for their guests.

You are the hosts, that is true, but, your guests are attending to please you, not the other way around. You need to consider what you’d really love and hope everyone else follows suit.

Usually, once you’ve adopted this mind-set, you find that you’re more relaxed in your planning, any cold feet fall away and your guests thoroughly enjoy the day.

This is why:

Your wedding day is a huge event, regardless of the amount of guests. To you, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be centre stage. To guests, it is a wedding to attend. Guests will no doubt have their own days where they revel in the spotlight and it’s for this reason that they shouldn’t take yours away.

There are so many wonderful brides and grooms that become so worried about other people that they never truly enjoy their own day as they are constantly on guard making sure everyone else is OK. 100% of these people, when looking back on their day, have the regret that they didn’t simply focus on themselves.

You may believe this will upset your guests, when in reality the opposite is true, the reason being:

Your Guests Are There For You

If your guests truly love you and want to see you happy, they will feel guilty if they add extra pressure to your day. They will not welcome the extra attention you give (as you try to make sure they’re aptly seated) if it means it tars the memory of your once in a lifetime opportunity.

Your guests are attending not for the food, not for you to provide them with sole entertainment, and not to moan about the lack of attention from the bride and groom.

Your guests are attending to support you, to see you smile and laugh, to shed a tear of happiness, and, when you look back on the memory, for you to say, “I’m so glad [Aunty Frieda] was a part of that.”

They will cope if they don’t have a gluten free dessert option, they will understand if you can’t give them full attention, they will embrace your style in music and they’ll love to be enlightened by your tastes and wedding preferences. There will be no malice.

On your wedding day, please, make sure you take care of your needs, you’ll find that once you and your partner are happy, your guests will be happy too. This is a day for you.